CHP red flag

Wholesale Car Collector Dealer License Home Based With 10k Bond and Dealer License Plates

Car Collectors running on Montana Plates

in California are doomed to be stopped and impounded

by the California CHP Registration Enforcement Unit

The Solution

Become a Licensed California Wholesale Used Car Dealer

Home Based

Wholesale Only

Dealer Fleet Insurance

10K Your Used Car Dealer Bond

We make it simple for you

Get Licensed in 30 days or less

Same Day Digital Delivery Direct to DMV

of your Pre License Certificate OL 256A

following your DMV Certified Car Dealer Class

The Class is a One Day Dealer Seminar

We prepare your for the Car Dealer Examination

We can help you to Obtain Your Car Dealer Bond

We will show you how to Activate Your Dealer License Plates

You will be able to Enjoy Car Dealer Auction Access within 30 days

DMV Certified Car Dealer Education since 1998

Best in the Golden State


Car Dealer 301 is our advanced private one on one dealer education consultation fully certified by the California DMV.